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Joki Lerchenau is situated in a beautiful new building which was built according to our specifications. Our spacious group and sleeping rooms on the ground floor have direct access tot he garden. The bright multi-purpose room in the basement is an inviting space for dancing and movement games. Here we also offer special activities for the children to take part in.

Our garden and outdoor area can be found around the back of the building and has been set up according to current research findings in childhood games. The different sections of our outdoor area garden are outfitted with different playground equipment and sandpits.

The day care centre is easily reachable just north of Schwabing.


Bilingual care from the beginning: Alongside our German speaking educators, each group will usually have an English native speaker who introduces the children to their language and culture playfully through conversation and games. Using the immersion method, our native speakers converse with the children solely in their native language. The aim is not to teach the children the language in a school-like way, but rather that they come into contact with the foreign language naturally, for example by singing songs and playing games.

Our chef has received intensive training on the special nutritional needs of young children. All meals are prepared freshly each day to ensure they are appropriate for the age of the children. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring any snacks to the day care centre. The menu can also be adjusted for children with allergies.

It goes without saying that the nursery children at Lerchenau have priority in receiving a kindergarten place here, so that the children experience the whole of their early years education in the same day care centre and with the same values. This also allows friendships with other children, parents and educators to develop.

Please register for a place in our nursery or kindergarten here.

We are looking forward to welcoming your child and you at Joki Lerchenau!

Sabrina Riedel

Day Care Manager Joki Lerchenau


Please turn on subtitles in the lower right corner of the video for an English language translation.

Free music by  www.frametraxx.de

Bilingual groups

Joki has a very good staff to child ratio. In each group 3-4 educators look after the children in the nursery and the kindergarten.

Alongside our German speaking educators, each group will usually have an English native speaker who introduces the children to their language and culture playfully through conversation and games. Using the immersion method, our native speakers converse with the children solely in their native language. The aim is not to teach the children the language in a school-like way, but rather that they come into contact with the foreign language naturally, for example by singing songs and playing games.

This promotes intercultural competence in the children, which prepares them for a globalised world. Additionally, their minds will be trained according to well-founded scientific findings without any pressure of a particularly intensive form. A high mental flexibility results all the more, the earlier and more consistently the child finds itself in a multilingual environment. You can find further information at www.fmks-online.de.

Parents quotes

Quotations from the Parents’ Questionnaire 2020

After a long search I finally found, in Joki, a suitable kindergarten for my son and for me. The loving care of the children by the staff particularly impressed me. The good staff to child ratio and the many different languages were a bonus. The opening times fit perfectly with today`s working conditions.”

Joki has a nice interior design, a garden and freshly prepared meals every day. Every day there is a super, inspiring programme for the children. The children are helped and challenged and the parents are supported in their work life by good childcare.”

Every day my wife and I are pleased how happily our son Neo goes to crèche. This is certainly due to your committed staff and the pleasant surroundings which you have provided for the little ones. Also the children, as we could see at the summer fete, come from interesting families which is a benefit not only for the “little ones” but for the “big ones” too. Finally I would like to highlight your concept of raising the little ones to be independent early in their lives. Our Neo can, at 14 months, already carefully handle glass and china, and eats almost without any help. Particularly in our case, where both parents work full-time, this is an enormous help!”

We are, for one, very happy that we were able to place both our daughters (crèche and kindergarten) in one nursery, which is logically, for working parents, an unusual advantage. Also we are very lucky that they both settled in at Joki quickly and feel at home and can hardly wait to return to their crèche and kindergarten after the holidays. We have been especially convinced by the warmth, a friendly ear and the commitment of the staff which certainly helped us to clear some hurdles occurring at the beginning of a new nursery.”

In addition to this, I would like to positively emphasize things that are not a matter of course everywhere and that we have already experienced differently: enough substitute staff, nursery managers that are not calculated in the staff to child ratio, as well as staff that are responsible for the coordination of a new opening and for the education concept. The opening times, the staff to child ratio, the house-own cook and a convincing concept (without strange offers such as Chinese or Yoga) have done just that.”

Our daughter started in the crèche at Joki at 11 months old. From the beginning she felt at home and comfortable in the group and with the carers. So much so that she jumps out of our arms and races to the door as soon as we get near to the group room!”

My husband and I are also very pleased with the general conditions: the varied meals – our daughter is learning about other foods apart from those which we offer her at home. The generous opening times which allow us both to attend to our jobs and especially the warm and qualified teaching team that lets us hand over our little mouse with a clear conscience.”

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday7:30am – 6:15pm
Friday7:30am – 4:45pm

The day care centre is open year round, with the exception of four staff training days per year, the time between Christmas and Three Kings Day, and two weeks summer holidays in mid-August. Closing days will always be announced 12 months in advance

Office hours for parent support

Phone: +49 (0) 89 201 843 313 1

Tuesday & Thursday10:00am – 12:00pm

Green logistics

We are part of Transgourmet’s Green Logistics and thus we make an important contribution to climate protection with environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics.

Transgourmet is our long-standing partner and supplies our kindergarten kitchen with fresh food. The company organizes the logistics as efficiently as possible and plans the deliveries without unnecessary stopovers to our kindergartens and to all other customers. This means that we are supplied in a climate-neutral manner. As a part of Green Logistics we support the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the long term.

In cooperation with the association ‘Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e. V.‘ a tree is planted in Germany for our participation and also for each additional participating customer. Moreover, further climate protection projects are supported, e.g. in Uganda and Indonesia.

Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG
Albert-Einstein-Str. 15
64560 Riedstadt


Day care fees and booking options

In our day care centre we take care of children from six months old until the end of their sixth year. Our opening hours are from 7.30am Monday to Friday.

The day care fees depend on the booking categories as shown below and correspond to a booking of 5 days per week.

Nursery 2020/2021

Booking hours/dayNursery fees as of 01.09.2020
10 – 11 hours913 € / month
9 – 10 hours860 € / month
8 – 9 hours823 € / month
7 – 8 hours775 € / month
6 – 7 hours733 € / month
5 – 6 hours626 € / month
4 – 5 hours513 € / month
3 – 4 hours374 € / month
Meals (fresh cuisine):125 € / month
Registration fee:490 € once

Kindergarten 2020/2021

10 – 11 hour689 € / month
9 – 10 hour656 € / month
8 – 9 hour622 € / month
7 – 8 hour590 € / month
6 – 7 hour544 € / month
5 – 6 hour483 € / month
4 – 5 hour406 € / month
3 – 4 hour300 € / month
Meals (fresh cuisine):120 € / month
Registration fee:490 € once

The registration fee will be due when the contract is signed. The registration fee is reduced to 290 € as of the second child.

Discount for each further sibling 40 €.

You can claim tax relief on the fees up to the set limit according to German tax legislation.

*without taking into account the monthly contribution (of 100 €) by the State of Bavaria to the entire kindergarten time.


We offer a complete service package for our working parents, holding true to our motto ‘job and child, a happy combination.’ If you should have any additional wishes, please let us know.

  • All meals are prepared freshly by our chef
  • You don’t need to pack any meals or snacks, which can save you time in the morning
  • Children with allergies will receive meals specially prepared for them
  • We will wash children’s dirty or soiled clothes
  • We record important, exciting and special developmental progress through a mixture of words and pictures in  a personal folder
  • In addition to our long opening hours, we offer flexible solutions for exeptional work-related circumstances, where you may occasionally need longer hours of care for your child

Click here for pre-registration (nursery & kindergarten).

A detailed copy of the educational concept of Joki Lerchenau is available at the centre.

How to find us

Schwabing, Moosach und Milbertshofen are a ‘hop, skip and a jump’ away. You can reach the Frankfurter Ring and the Mittleren Ring by car in a few minutes, the train station Olympiazentrum is 3 minutes by bus away. Several parking spots are available right in front of our building. Strollers, car seats and bike trailers can be left with us during the day.

Public Transport

From Feldmoching or from Mittleren Ring: Bus 173 (Feldmoching – Petuelring):
Bus stop Schittgabler Straße, from there 300m by foot
 From Olympiazentrum: Bus N46 (Petuelring):
Bus stop Schittgabler Straße, from there 300m by foot
 From Schwabing / Moosach: U 3
Train stop Olympiazentrum, from there by bus 173 to bus stop Schittgabler Str.

Click here for the Munich Public Transport System.

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