Joki philosophy

Our primary aim is to  support the development of your child into a life-affirming and socially competent personality with a love of exploration.

Communicating a deep-rooted joy in living and developing a strong sense of self-worth occupy centre stage at Joki childcare.

To achieve this, we aim to balance phases of loving attention, active learning, free play, shared activities and rest. In a nutshell, our main educational concept, the situation-orientated approach, considers the individual needs of the child at any time and recognizes and encourages every child’s uniqueness.

Using the development of basic skills such as honesty, attentiveness and social competence, we build a solid base for ideal early childhood education and development. We encourage this by using a wealth of positive suggestions in all educational areas. We use the enormous motivation and curiosity of the children and guide them independently and playfully in their discovery of the world.

Our educational concept is based on Bayern’s Schooling and Education plan (BEP). The focal point of this is the unconditional acceptance and appreciation of your child which will be supported and encouraged in finding his individual strengths and sense of self-worth.

You can find our detailed concept here (currently only available in the original German).