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The provider and the employees of Joki childcare have a clear vision:

We want to provide positive and stimulating care for your child every day. With a minimum of three loving educators per group and a team with international orientation, we provide the children with a bilingual environment that goes, in its educational and humane claim, far beyond the standard.

Our mission: We provide attentive, loving care and age-appropriate cognitive stimulation for the children entrusted to us. In addition, we aim to make life easier for working parents with our long opening hours and well thought-out services.

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We operate our day care centres (‚ÄěKindertagesst√§tte‚Äú or ‚ÄěKita‚Äú) under German rules and regulations for early years childcare. Our day care centres may include both kindergarten and nursery, depending on the location. Children younger than 3 years old are cared for in our nurseries (‚ÄěKinderkrippe‚Äú) in groups of 12 by three educators. Children 3-6 years old are cared for in our kindergartens (‚ÄěKindergarten‚Äú) in groups of 25 by three educators .¬† Our educators (‚ÄěP√§dagogen‚Äú) are qualified according to the national German qualification standards for occupational groups in the field of early years childcare.

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Bilinguale Kinderkrippe & Kindergarten Joki M√ľnchen Joahnneskirchen

Johanneskirchen / Bogenhausen

Nursery & Kindergarten

Bilinguale Kinderkrippe & Kindergarten Joki M√ľnchen




Nursery & Kindergarten

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