Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Joki

When do child care places become available?

Every year on the 1st September Joki re-fills the places which become available through kindergarten children going to school and crèche children going to kindergarten.

Places also become available through the year because of families moving away.

If you are on our waiting list, we will contact and inform you about any free place. Furthermore places about to become free are constantly updated on our web page under the heading “places available”.

How can I secure a child care place for my child?

You fill out the pre-registration form online. As soon as a place appropriate to your pre-registration becomes available, we will contact you and invite you to an informative meeting at the centre. We look forward to meeting you personally!

When do I find out more about the settling-in period and other things?

Any questions that you have about the settling-in period can be discussed at the first informative meeting.

Before your first day of child care you will receive a “welcome pack” with details of your future group and what you will need to bring with you, so that you and your child can prepare yourselves for the start in crèche or kindergarten.

How long does the settling-in period last?

The gentle settling-in period is a core of the educational work and crucial for the positive development and integration of your child in the group. The children usually need 2 to 4 weeks.

Can I secure a place at Joki if I don’t live in Munich?

Unfortunately the grant regulations of the city of Munich do not allow children from the surrounding communities to be accepted.